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Favorite Things Party

This was laid out in my kitchen. The drinks and punch were to the right of this.
Favorite Things Party!!

I held this at the end of February, which I felt was a good time because I was able to get some Valentine's Day themed supplies that worked for "favorite things" since it was covered in hearts. Unfortunately a lot of my friends weren't able to attend, so this is a party that I'd like to throw again, just in a different month. It was fun though, so here is what I did!!

I got some roll up sandwiches at the grocery store for the main meal. Just something easy and light, and the guests that did come seemed to enjoy them.

I got these cute sugar cookies at the store and laid some out on a plate. Since it was close to March, they had St. Patrick's Day colors. They were still good, regardless!

I got these snack cups at target and filled some with white cheddar popcorn and others with Valentine's Day colored Hershey kisses.

I don't do flowers a lot, but we thought something cute and girly would be appropriate. I put a plate upside down and placed the flowers on top so it was higher than the items around it.

I placed some fruit salad and dip in separate pink bowls. I believe they are Zak! designs. Very cute.

Here are a couple shots of my kitchen table with the food lying out!

Here's a picture of me before the party. I wore my pink dress for the occasion!

That's the food...but for the main event of the night, we swapped our favorite things. If you've never heard of a Favorites Things party, the idea is to have each guest bring one of their favorite items to share. You state how many of each item and what they can spend beforehand. I chose for people to bring four of the SAME item and the item they pick can't cost more than $5 each. So you could bring a $5 item and four of those would be $20. Or you could bring a $1 item and you only spend $4. It should be one of your favorite things though!

This is what I brought. I got the popcorn containers, popcorn packets and buncha crunch from the dollar store. Each item was $1 each, so my favorite thing cost $3. I just got four of them!

A friend of mine brought a few things, such as Whoppers, Cookies n Creme Hershey bars, modeling clay, mini candles.

The same friend brought those giant bubble wands as well! My sister brought the dove chocolate (in the bottom left hand corner) and the Bistex chapstick (upper left hand corner).

A better shot of what my sister brought!

My sister also brought pints of Mocha Chocolate Chip ice cream from her favorite ice cream place Graeter's (a local place).

Because so few people could come, everyone got one of each item brought, which was fun! Normally, if there were more than four people, everyone would get four items because they brought four but they wouldn't get something from every attendant.

Before we could swap gifts though, I had a fun activity! People on pinterest often made their own bags for people to bring their goodies home in. I decided to buy some yellow bags at the dollar store and lay out a box of fun markers, stickers, and other scrapbooking supplies so my guests could decorate their own bags! They had fun with this, so I'd suggest it as a cute activity if you throw this party in the future.

Here is a look at the bag my sister made! Cute huh?

I also wanted to have a game so I used an idea I saw on pinterest where you write out a list of questions that ask people about their favorites. "Favorite thing to buy..." "Favorite Color..." etc. The idea is to have everyone go around and read their answers. If someone says the same answer you wrote, you cross out your answer in terms of points. At the end, whoever has the most unique answers wins. I figured if there was a tie (and there was), I would ask them to choose what they thought my favorite number was and the closest answer won. It was 16 and my sister won (I swear she didn't know before; she just guessed closest). I gave her a bag with a couple other items that are on my favorites list like Sheila G's brownie crisps and a mini pack of the Yes To Cucumber face wipes. Each item is under $5 individually, so they could have been items I chose to swap too.

And there you have it, my first ever Favorite Things party! I hope to do it again with more guests in the future, since it would make the swapping more fun!

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