Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Nightmare Before Christmas Party! A friend of mine and I held this around Christmas time, but you can do it whenever. This is the tree at her house...she put fake cobwebs around it to add a Halloween flair, though I'm afraid you can't tell too much in the photo! It was a nice touch though. The party was at her house, but I brought a lot of the food and prizes. It's tradition to do Christmas at her place.

Around Halloween I found various Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington items at Walgreens. This Jack figure was bought by my sister and we used it as decoration on the food table. I added four mini bottles of sparkling cider for people to share with a simple sign that reads "Christmas Town Cider."

I found Red and Green tortilla chips at Target and grabbed a couple bags and some salsa for "Sandy Claws Salsa". This went over quite well actually! Yum!

I wanted something a little healthy to off set all the sweets so I laid out some cucumber slices and mini carrots with ranch for dipping. I titled this "Reindeer Food" to go with the theme.

My sister made these cake pops with white chocolate for the head. She drew on the faces and voila, you get "Jack Skellington Pops."

I placed these mini tubs of cotton candy on the coffee table that everyone sat around. The sign reads "Sally's Stuffing."

This isn't Jack, but my dad bought me this around Halloween so I put it next to my friend's TV. It can dance as "Moves like Jagger" starts to play. I figured it works since it's a skeleton!

This is some of my friend's decorations. It's obviously a very cute mix of Christmas and Halloween decorations. She even set out her book The Nightmare Before Christmas! Love it.

You can't forget Zero! I got a plastic dog bowl from the dollar store and put whoppers in it, labeling it "Zero's Kibble." I saw a version of this on another blog, though I'm not sure the exact link.

I found this idea on pinterest!! You take a brown lunch bag and fill it with gummies. The example I saw was a bit more elaborate. I just ripped back the top of the bag so it looked like a tear into the stomach and put regular and sour gummy worms in it. And there you have it..."Oogie Boogie's Insides." This was definitely a hit!

And here's a shot of the food table with most of the items out! I love the mix of Halloween decorations and Christmas lights. It looked cute!

And finally, a look at the prizes! I got the marshmallow lollipop, Jelly Beans, Pen, and pen/paper at Walgreens around Halloween and held on to them. My friend offered two free tickets to the Aquarium where she worked as well. The "This is Halloween" nail polish is from etsy. You can get your own from Lyn B Designs!


That's the food and prizes. As for the games, I was pretty busy around this time and therefore I couldn't come up with too many great games, but I had to do something!

Stocking Questions: I filled a Christmas stocking with various Christmas and Halloween related questions and we passed the stocking around the room having people answer a question at a time. It was meant to be a fun "getting to know you" type of exercise. Plus, the game aspect was because I chose a question ahead of time out of the stocking and that became the "winner." Therefore, whoever chose that question during the game was told to be the winner at the end.

Fear Elimination: I filled note cards for everyone with statements such as "I am not afraid of heights." If this was true; you are NOT afraid of heights, then you would circle it. Whoever had the most circled (the least fears) was the winner. Three people won this...all boys, so they could have been lying (haha). We picked one winner by choosing a number and then at the end of the games, the other two got to choose from the remaining prizes.

I can't remember if we did any other games or not. I think these were the main ones though! It was fun and the theme was something I'd wanted to do for awhile. I think it turned out well. This would be great for Christmas, Halloween, or even someone's birthday!

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