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Tim Burton Baby Shower

Tim Burton Baby Shower
The last party I threw was in the beginning of April. It was a baby shower for a friend of mine and she wanted it to be Tim Burton themed since she was having a boy. This was a lot of fun to plan and I had some help from a couple friends too. The above photo is a shot of my kitchen table. I had a black and orange tablecloth, black and white striped cups to hold the silverware (which was also black and white) and I even made a cute sign using the "Snips and Snails..." quote about boys. Since it mentions puppy dog tails, I added three photos of dogs from Tim Burton films.

The card themed napkins are from Birthday Direct in their Alice in Wonderland section (since Burton directed an Alice film). The plates and silverware also came from here.

A friend that was helping made these little "meat pies". She used toothpicks to make signs for some with labels like "Vicar" and "Butler" to mimic the "meat pies" in Sweeney Todd (another Tim Burton film). I also had mini chicken and egg salad sandwiches. I used both wheat and white bread, placing the sandwiches one after the other so it looked like a chess board. I saw this idea online!

I wanted the food to feel like a tea party, to go along with Alice in Wonderland, so I made these cute ladybug appetizers. You can find the recipe here.

Here is a closer look at the sign I was talking about above!

I made these caterpillar grape kabobs that were a big hit! Aren't they cute? You can find that recipe here.

In the corner of my kitchen was the dessert table full of black, white, and blue treats (the main colors of the shower) and some Nightmare Before Christmas themed items. I hung up my Jack Skellington "wreath" above the table. I got this at Walgreens around Halloween. I placed my Jack Skellington statue on top of the cupcake stand and put out the Jack cookies on both levels. These cookies were so good. You can read my review here.

I got the black and white cups from the etsy shop Party Cup Medley. I chose the black and white stripes because it made me think of Beetlejuice and Jack Skellington. The lid was a domed shape with no hole so people could put their candy from the dessert table in the cups to bring home. These cups (without the lids) are what I placed the silverware in as well. Another favor came from the friend that made the "meat pies." She created these little pockets with Hershey bars so it looked like a Willy Wonka bar. Each one had a golden ticket welcoming the new baby inside!

This tea cup is from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It has the Red Queen and says "I don't do tea parties" on it. I got the cup out for the mom-to-be to use. The other items are the prizes (all Alice themed). There is a mini checker board, a bag that says "Open Me" and has two heart soaps that say "Love Me" and something else. Then there is a cookies n creme bunny. I wanted all white, for the White Bunny, but cookies n creme was the closest I could find. The mom-to-be ended up winning the chocolate!

A closer look at the plates and napkins from Birthday Express.

I really wanted a fun drink for the shower so I decided on Shirley Temples. To fit the theme, I called them Sweeney Todd's (they both have S.T. as initials after all!) Above is the sign I made with some skull stickers for decoration!

I laid out cups and supplies for making Sweeney Todd's beneath the sign. I also included mini cans of Coke and Diet coke. The black, white, and blue paper straws are from the etsy shop Puppy Cat Crafts.

Another item on the dessert table were Jack and Sally rice krispie and cake pops. These were from the etsy shop Wickedly Whipped Creations and were very yummy. My review (and a discount code) can be found here.

Here are the cake pops. I got round styrofoam at the dollar store to place the pops. They went through the base but they stayed upright, so it looked good.

A couple friends (including a sister of the mom-to-be) made this awesome Jack cake. It was so yummy too!

Here is a wider shot of the dessert table, so you can see the candy. I had things like black, white, and blue sixlets, coconut jelly beans, blue air heads, mints wrapped in black plastic, etc.

Right next to the dessert table is a window, where I placed the following sign that reads "Tim Burton's Table of Treats." I used Jack Skellington face stickers for the "o's." I think it turned out nice.

I also placed these signs out around the house for decoration. I got he bottles from the dollar store and the blue and white marbles were left over from a friend's wedding. I taped the signs on a stick and pushed them into the glass. All the quotes are either from Tim Burton or one of his movies. I tried to find things that suited a mom or were about children/babies.

For those that don't know, "nappy" is British for a diaper.

The above quote is from a song in the movie musical Sweeney Todd.

One of the activities for the shower was to have people write amusing or cute things on the bottom of some diapers for the mom to use when she changes her little one at night. I got the free printable from Driven by Decor and the blue basket is from the dollar store. It's said to get Pampers diapers because the bottom isn't "silky" and use fine tip sharpies to write with; that way the writing won't run. People seemed to enjoy this one!

This other blog, Lauren Makes, offers free Wishes for Baby printables. I printed some out and laid them next to the late night diapers. You can see them in the right hand corner. The cup on top held pens. Everyone filled out the paper and I put them all in a mini blue album for the mom to keep.

As for the games, I really wanted to find some different things that wouldn't be too awkward to play. One item was "Whooo are you?" which is what the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland says. I found a print out of this quote and taped it on a poster board. Then I taped baby photos of various guests at the shower and people had to write down who they thought each baby was (they were numbered). The one who got the most right won. This seemed to be well liked by everyone, so I'm glad I put it together!

The other two games were free printables I found on other blogs. One was questions about Nursery Rhymes that you had to answer and the other was multiple choice questions about babies. These facts were hard! I Heart Naptime provided the Nursery Rhyme game and Finding My Aloha had the Baby Trivia game. On the same page, Finding My Aloha also offers a free printable to write down what the mom got and who it was from. I printed this out and had a friend write everything down while the mom-to-be opened gifts and I took photos! Very handy to have.

And finally, this is where the mom-to-be sat. Sorry for the dark quality. We had some balloons standing behind her, one of the quote signs next to her, and even a cute blue bucket with gifts (the bucket was from my own mom). We figured it would make a nice decoration before the mom-to-be dived in!


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