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Who said that kids get to have all the fun? All Grown Up Parties is here to help with and highlight parties that have been set up by and for adults. This will include around ages 16 and up. The age isn't much of an issue though. We really just want party ideas that aren't for little kids. No first birthdays, baby showers, etc. Not that those aren't fun...but don't you just want to have a spa day with the ladies sometimes? What about a movie night? Or even a themed party, like Harry Potter or Broadway?

My friends and I love throwing parties. A friend of mine has a Halloween party every year, while myself and another girl take care of Christmas. We've even had two Harry Potter parties, and I'm already thinking of other themes to bring out. I love the planning and I want to celebrate that with others...as well as spotlight your own parties!

What We Will Feature-

All aspects of your party are wanted

*The invitation
*The decorations
*The food
*The goodie bags/prizes
*The games/activities
*Included with all of the above, we want pictures from before and during the actual party! Really show us what you did.

We want to know where you bought things, how you made your food, if any of your items are DIY and how can others do it too, etc.

If you have a party you wish for us to feature, please email: Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com and put All Grown Up somewhere in your subject line.

In Your Email-

Please include the subject or theme of the party you have already or are going to throw. Don't include pictures yet...just a little bit about the party and what exactly you want to feature (invitations, decorations, food, etc.) and if you think this would be okay for one post or more than one, depending on how much information and/or pictures you wish to share.

I will get back to you ASAP and we'll figure out a great time to post about your party.

Thanks for celebrating with All Grown Up!