Saturday, January 4, 2014

90's Themed Graduation Party

Well, here's to making 2014 the year of crafts and parties! I still have a few from 2013 that I need to post though, so here we go!

90's Themed Graduation Party!!

I graduated from college this past May and I decided that throwing a 90's themed party would be a lot of fun since those are the years my friends and I look back fondly on.

The computer game Oregon Trail is something most of us played in computer class in grade school, so I had to include it. I matched it up with trail mix, of course!

The above two items didn't have a set theme for the 90's, but since the party took place in the summer, I thought the platters were adorable! The chips and dip up top has a ceramic popcorn  and hotdog around the dip bowl and the second photo is obviously a lobster to hold the chips and salsa.

In the 90's, there was something called 3D Doritos. They no longer exist so I put regular Doritos out on a plate with a pair of 3D glasses in the middle. It was just a fun way to remember this awesome snack from the past.

I also had a plate with some veggies and dip, since I like to mix up the food when I can. Not all of my friends are big on sweets.

The tie-in for the veggies was Boy Meets World. There is an episode where Corey notes that "there's nothing about me that separates me from anyone else." (the quote was on the picture). As he says this, he leans against his wall and the audience sees he has a giant poster of celery! Therefore, I used this photo for the veggie tray.

I had some potato salad where I used a photo of Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story to tie it into the 90's theme.

 One of my favorite snacks from the 90's was dunkaroos. I couldn't find anywhere that sold them, so I took an idea a friend gave me. I got those graham cracker bears as well as chocolate and vanilla icing to dip them in!

The 90's show All That had a skit called Cooking with Randy, where they lathered everything with chocolate. I used a photo from this to put with a fruit tray. Half the fruit was dipped in chocolate! This went over very well.

I used another Toy Story character...this time Slinky for my pasta salad!

The main entree was burgers and hotdogs and I used a photo from the movie Good Burger!

A show from the 90's was this reality program for kids called Bug Juice, where they followed a group of children at summer camp. My friends and I can still sing the theme song! I used store-bought lemonade for bug juice and threw in some lemons to help with flavor!

This is a shot of part of my food table. I placed 90's candy and snacks around the table so people could just grab what they wanted. There is fruit-by-the-foot, gushers, air heads, nerds, and cow tales. The gushers were very popular!

This is a better shot of what the food table looked like! Pretty simple.

That's the entirety of the food. As for the rest, it was the summer so people were able to hang out outside and swim if they wanted too. I did have a couple games though! I can't help myself.

One was Name that 90's show. I included a list of quotes and everyone had to write down what show it came from. If they knew the person who said it, they could write that too, and we'd use those answers for a tie-breaker if needed.

Another game was a coloring contest. I printed out a Rugrats coloring photo from online and let everyone color it in. I then had my mom pick the two she felt were the best and they were the winners! This is the photo I chose to have everyone color.

As for the prizes, I had a basket of some 90's themed items that people could choose from. There were some buttons with 90's show quotes, a video game soap, some bottle pop candy, a goosebumps book, Buffy the movie, etc. I had some leftover prizes but everyone that one won got something, so it worked out!