Plan a Party

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I know that sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for a particular theme or type of party. Maybe you just don't have time or perhaps your own searches/ideas have yielded very little. This happens, and this is where All Grown Up comes in!

First, you can always search our site. We hope to keep adding parties as time goes on, and perhaps you will find some ideas/themes that you want to utilize.

Second, maybe your theme isn't listed or you want something a bit different. We can still help!

Email Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com with All Grown Up Help in the subject. In your email, let me know your theme or what you're trying to go for, when your party will be set (if you know), and if you have any of the items already/what else you might be looking for.

I'm not a professional party planner...but I do hope to include my own parties on the blog as well, so you can see what I've done for my own friends and family. However, I'd like to build this up as I go along and part of that does include money, I'm afraid. Instead of making everyone pay the same amount (since not everyone will want the same things), if you do wish to use my help in planning your party, you can either offer a set amount you're willing to pay or just talk to me via email about a particular price. IF YOU WANT HELP AND CAN'T PAY, STILL EMAIL! Right now, I'd really like to have people have me spread the word in general, so we can try and work something out, or if I'm able, I'll just help!

What I Can Help With-

*Picking out a theme if you don't have one
*Food ideas
*Decoration ideas
*Invitation, Goodie Bag, and Prize Ideas
*Activity/Game Ideas

I know not everyone will want all of this, which is another reason there is no set price as of now. Just let me know what you're looking for, and I'll do my best to give you more than one option to choose from.

My help is limited to ideas. I can give you suggestions, send you links on places to buy items as well as DIY items, and be available via email to brainstorm, plan, and generally be as much help as I can. I love parties and I hope more adults will start having them FOR adults more often.

Thanks for Celebrating!