Monday, October 22, 2012

Decor- Bottling Moon Glass

Sometimes I get sent random books in the mail for possible review, and there is NO way that I can ever read and review them all...not in a quick manner at least. One book that was sent to me was Moonglass by Jessi Kirby (the hardcover photo is above, but you can get the paperback now for about ten bucks now). At any rate, why am I talking about books on this blog? Well, because sometimes I get sent items along with the book that the publisher has put together or gotten because it somehow represents the book.

For Moonglass, I was sent what is essentially supposed to be colored sea glass, I think. It was a bag of it that I kept in my room, liking it but not sure what to do with it exactly, until I remembered some small glass jars I bought at Michael's for future use. I took one of these jars and put the sea glass in it.

Yeah, it's not the most creative craft project ever...but I thought it would be fun to share how I use these items instead of just letting them lie around the house. If I think of something fun to do with it, I shall document and share on here!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Post- Candy Themed BBQ Graduation Party

Guest Post from Grand Party Goods

Candy Themed BBQ Graduation Party

The most recent BBQ party that I attended incorporated a candy theme. While the theme may sound a bit odd and childish to some, the party was held for my younger cousin's high school graduation, as she truly enjoyed her work in the local neighborhood candy store. She had worked there throughout some of her high school years.

Having a candy themed party is always entertaining and enjoyable no matter what age, but can make for a daunting task. The color scheme chosen was a light pink, blue, and white, which made the guests immediately think of cake and candy. While we grilled burgers and hot dogs, small dishes were placed in front of the guests. Guests could then walk up to a small bar and fill their dishes with whatever candy or fruit they pleased. The fruit was cut circular, making it have a gumball-like appearance, and was a healthy alternative to the sweet candy that was enjoyed before dinner.

The party took place in my cousin's backyard, where several folding tables were placed closely together. Plastic dinnerware and plastic silverware of the same colors were used to accentuate the theme of the night. The grill was placed on the patio, which was also well decorated, incorporating the similar candy colored scheme. Even the outdoor decorations were all candy themed down to the smallest details. The table cloths had pictures of various types of candy and the napkins had candy-colored patterns. The centerpieces were handmade to feature high school pictures of my cousin, while each picture was also tinted with light colors, keeping the whole theme consistent.

When it was time to eat our burgers and hot dogs, we were offered colored popcorn and chips. The popcorn was buttered, cheese, and caramel which was nothing overly fancy but once again kept the colorful theme. While regular toppings are not that colorful, well placed everyday BBQ items like bottles of ketchup, mustard, and pickles can continue to add to the color scheme and are also convenient for guest use. What really brings any party theme together is the true attention to detail.

The guests and I really enjoyed this candy-themed party, as it put a different spin on a traditional BBQ. Even those without a sweet tooth could appreciate the theme of the night. Strategic placing of similarly themed and colored party settings seemed to be the key to keeping the whole concept consistent. The party was a huge success and will definitely be remembered for years to come, due to its uniqueness. While many of the details did not take too much extra effort to produce, they were very thought-out, making for a memorable and fun barbecue that people are sure to keep talking about!


Author’s Note: Joel Perkowski is the CEO of Grand Party Goods, which he started in 2009. Grand Party Goods offers quality plastic tableware and silverware, with designs ranging from classic, to contemporary and trendy. Their party settings are perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and many other occasions.