Monday, October 22, 2012

Decor- Bottling Moon Glass

Sometimes I get sent random books in the mail for possible review, and there is NO way that I can ever read and review them all...not in a quick manner at least. One book that was sent to me was Moonglass by Jessi Kirby (the hardcover photo is above, but you can get the paperback now for about ten bucks now). At any rate, why am I talking about books on this blog? Well, because sometimes I get sent items along with the book that the publisher has put together or gotten because it somehow represents the book.

For Moonglass, I was sent what is essentially supposed to be colored sea glass, I think. It was a bag of it that I kept in my room, liking it but not sure what to do with it exactly, until I remembered some small glass jars I bought at Michael's for future use. I took one of these jars and put the sea glass in it.

Yeah, it's not the most creative craft project ever...but I thought it would be fun to share how I use these items instead of just letting them lie around the house. If I think of something fun to do with it, I shall document and share on here!

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(I love when publishers send nifty items to represent the book.)