Monday, July 30, 2012

The Hunger Games Party - Games and Prizes

The above photo is myself as Primrose Everdeen and my sister, Kari, as Foxface. I put my hair in braided pigtails and wore a white shirt that I felt was Prim appropriate. I didn't have a skirt, so gray pants was it! My sister has the red hair for Foxface, so she put on a black shirt we figured was "games" worthy and then put a Five patch on her should for the District she is from.

Moving on to the games we played!

I had a Hungry for Trivia Game, where I asked questions that were somehow related to The Hunger Games (either the author, the actors in the film, etc.) but weren't book-related for the few people at my party who hadn't read the books. A couple examples-

Q. Liam Hemsworth plays Katniss’ friend Gale. Liam’s older brother is also an actor. What superhero does he play?

A. Thor
Q. Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna and Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss. What movie did Jennifer Lawrence star in alongside Lenny Kravitz’ daughter?

A. X-Men: First Class
If you want to hold your own Hunger Games party, feel free to email me or leave a comment below with your email and I'll send the entire list of Trivia for your use!

The other game we played was Real or Not Real? If you've read Mockingjay, then you understand the meaning of this. I wrote down a bunch of "facts" on notecards and I read them aloud, as we went along the circle. If the card said "You like boys" and you do, you say "Real" and you get the card. If you don't like boys, you say "Not Real" and the next person has to say Real or Not Real until the card is given to someone or nobody gets it. If nobody gets it, I set the card out of the pile and read the next card. If you get the card, I read the next "fact" to the person right after you and off we go! I tried to mix up the "facts" so it fit various people. I put things like "you'd live outside of the country" and even "you like pizza." Easy and fun! It's a fun "getting to know you" game, so I suggest you use it for any party or gathering! Of course, the person with the most cards in their hand at the end is the winner!
The Real or Not Real photo above is NOT mine, but you can get these free printables courtesy of Tattered and Inked. I wish I had them when I did my party, but unfortunately, I just found them!

The Prizes!

I'm sorry to say that I did not get a photo of the prizes, which I'm pretty bummed about as I thought they were fun. I picked up a sucker at Michael's that had an icing type of bumblebee on it and called it a Tracker Jacker pop with a little tag around the stick.

I had a couple bottles of self-tanning lotion, so I wrapped some red poster board around it and called it Capitol Color (for the kooky styles of the Capitol).

I even had a copy of the book The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher because it said it was good for fans of The Hunger Games!


Voila! That was my Hunger Games party. The decorations, the food, the games, the prizes, and even the "costumes" for a couple of us!

Keep following the blog...I have more parties and crafts coming up!

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L-Diggitty said...

This looks like so much fun!!!! I finally convinced the hubby to watch the movie and he's hooked now, too.

I had no idea Jennifer Lawrence was in X-Men... I'll have to rewatch that. The only other movie I've seen her in was "Winter's Bone."