Monday, July 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Party - Food

The Hunger Games Party - The Food

all photos are by my family

The above photo are what I called Capitol Pills. I got them from the dollar store and they are simple white mints that came in money wrappers. I figured the money works for the Capitol, and also in Catching Fire, the Capitol folks eat and eat and eat, then take a pill and throw up, and eat and eat and eat some more.

These are bugles, which I called Mini Cornucopias. I got the regular and the cheddar and seperated them into two bowls and they made a fun little snack before dinner/dessert.

I got mini cans of Sprite and some cotton candy tubs (again from the dollar store) and called it Trinket Toppers. You put some cotton candy on top of your sprite for a kooky hair look a ala Effie Trinket. Unfortunately, our cotton candy melted into the sprite right away, but people seemed to enjoy just eating the cotton candy too!

My sister really wanted a cheese ball for the party, so she made this and I titled it Prim's Goat Cheese Ball. No, it's not really goat cheese, but I figured that wouldn't be as appetizing! If you aren't aware, the character Prim (Katniss' sister) has a goat and sells cheese from her.

Finnick's Garlic Knots. I actually came up with this idea on my own, which I was pretty proud of myself. A local pizza place makes garlic knots and I LOVE them, so that started the thought process and I found a recipe online and had my sister make some. The character of Finnick knots and unknots a rope over and over again as a means of coping, hence the garlic knots for Finnick!

This is Haymitch's Drunk Punch. I don't drink alcohol so there is none in it, but I wanted something to fit Haymitch and a "Drunk" Punch seemed nice since he drinks all the time in the books. Plus, this is a punch I've made for other parties with friends and it goes over well. It went SUPER fast this time!

I wanted to include Rue somehow, as I love her character so we went with District 11 Fruit Salad (Hand-picked by Rue). It was a light addition to my meal plan...especially with dinner!

Speaking of dinner, I went with cheeseburgers and hotdogs and called it Gale's Game since he hunts in District 12 with Katniss. Normally, when I have parties for friends, we just do snacks and dessert items, but I planned out a whole meal around the Gale's Game idea.

Peeta is the "Boy with the Bread" so we had to have a bread item for him. Instead of making homemade bread or getting roles, we went with Peeta's Pretzel Bread, which is really good. My sister (again) wanted the Spinach Dip to go with it, so I made it Caesar's Spinach Dip...mainly because spinach is green and I thought that fit Caesar's eclectic blue/green style.

This was a last minute idea. My sister and I went to a graduation party a week before, I believe, and they had these cookies (but with kiwi). We made them (sugar cookies, cream cheese frosting, and blackberries/rasberries for the top) and called it Nightlock Cookies, in honor of the infamous berries that kill you with one bite. Don't worry, these are non-toxic and oh so yummy!

We had to have an item in honor of Katniss Everdeen, so we went with Girl on Fire Cupcakes. Simple vanilla cupcakes with yellow and orange icing on top to look like fire. We then added crushed up oreos around it to be the coal!


Most of these ideas were created by me, but you're obviously more than welcome to use them for your own Hunger Games party. If you have any food-related questions, just shoot me an email or leave a comment below. I'd love to hear what you think about this food and maybe even what you did or would do for your own HG-related gathering!


Amber Mae said...

Cute ideas! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it :)

Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time leaving a comment for some reason, but hoping this goes through...Love that you had so much fun doing this, I love to do the same kind of things with my friends when the occasion arises.
xo Mary Jo