Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Superhero Kit

Outside of Box

I found this idea online and decided to make a DIY Superhero Kit for my dad! It was perfect and he loved it. The above picture is the outside of the box and the below picture is the inside. To find out where to get the printables, what I actually put in the box, and how I made it my own, then please check out the Guest Blog I did at Daily Dose of Ramblings. This blog is run by Mandy, who I've known since I was about eleven (so a long time!) and she kindly asked me to do a post while she was on vacation this week. I decided to share the gift I made for Father's Day!

Inside of Box

I know I haven't posted too much on this blog yet, but it will be full of parties, crafts, and all things creative, so if you're at all interested...please follow along and I promise to try and posting more regularly. I already have two parties and one craft item to post about, so keep an eye out! And remember, if you comment me, I will comment you back on your blog.

However, since this is a guest are more than welcome to post here, but please check out Mandy's blog and actually comment on that post too! Follow her as well. Perfect for those that are married, have kids, own a house, like to cook, and/or be creative!

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Lisa said...

Such a cute idea!

I love the concept for this blog. I'm just starting to get into planning parties and it's so fun! My son's 1st birthday is up next and I'm excited!